Mrs.Ron Weasley (xxxt_walxxx) wrote in the_allure,
Mrs.Ron Weasley

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Location:ventura, ca

Tell us what you wanted to be as a kid, and what you want to be now:i always wanted to be a vet, i loved animals so much, until i realized i would have to do surgery and stuff on them, then i changed my mind.
now i want to be a photographer, it's just something inside me comes out through pictures

What is your biggest accomplishment to date? Explain.
my biggest accomplishment to date, honestly is not loosing faith in the 2 years that i have had God in my life, it is one of my biggest fears, and it hasn't happened and i am so thankful for it.

What's one thing you would change about yourself ((non-physical))? Explain.i would change the fact that i procrastanate like crazy and it is a very bad thing when you are a student

What's something you're passionate about? Why?i am passonit about showing kindness to people, i think EVERYONE deserves to have someone be kind to them and i may as well be that person..

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yes... you are amazing!

thanks love
ehh nah
You're a little lacking in the spelling arena.

I really don't see anything jumping out except the photographer thing.

Sorry, no.
no sorry

You look like my friend Jenny
...!!!! BUT ... BUTTT!!!!

i hate my life.. try again in a week.. please... not the same pics or application.. k! good luck