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Name: Megan
Age: 18
Location: NJ, USA

Tell us what you wanted to be as a kid, and what you want to be now: I wanted to be the person who colors in cartoons. I loved to color when I was young, heh. Now in a band, keepin' it real. If that fails, take pictures of celebrities or a psychologist in crime. haha that sounded dumb.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date? I can play the intro to Yes' Roundabout.

What's one thing you would change about yourself ((non-physical))? the fact that I keep myself up thinking/worrying about things when I should be sleeping. Then I end up sleeping in the morning.

What's something you're passionate about? My guitar and my art. The are the most important thing in my life and they help me get through my life. I Think they will take me very far. I'm going to be like Hendrix or SRVaughn! Dammit!


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awe yes and i love your hair in the second picture

holy shit.
maybe when you lose 400 pounds.
um, i don't think it's possible to be -220 pounds.
ew! you weigh 180? jesus christ get on a tredmill.
well if weight was an issue to join allure, i would of never been invited.
nope, sorry.
you're from NJ
I'd like to hear you talk.
your application didn't really wow me though
sorry no
thanks everyone.